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David Sait
Photo: Haley Garnett

Toronto based musician David Sait is an improviser and composer on the 21-string guzheng. This is his 10,000 hour journey! Combining influences of African & Asian stringed instruments, with elements of experimental Classical, World, Ambient and other styles. 

David plays often as a soloist, but also in collaboration with many improvisers and creative types. Ongoing projects with Friendly Rich, Michael Keith, The Toronto Improvisors Orchestra, John Oswald’s a Rather Large Acoustic Ensemble and the REAson d’etre Contact Dance Jam since 2007.

With such a wide palette of tones & timbres within the actual craftsmanship of the instrument, and the spectrum of sound that the guzheng emits, it has made the future of David’s musical life quite clear…it will be playing guzheng somewhere for somebody.  

David has formed a melodic/rhythmic style that is to his own and strives to get the best out of his instrument and himself.

Festival performances include: The Guelph Jazz Festival “One on One” Series, The Music Gallery: St. George the Martyr Church, 7A*11D International Festival of Performance Art (Mercer Union), Music(in)Galleries, Rogue Wave Splash Festival, Brampton Indie Arts Festival, Bummer in the Summer in Trinity Bellwoods, and the 416 Creative Improviser’s Festival.

David has performed at art galleries: YYZ Outlet, Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects and David Kaye Gallery. He has provided a musical backdrop at the Saks Fifth Avenue Chinese “Lunar” New Year celebration and events at the Royal Ontario Museum.

David was the co-editor at a community-based, live music performance newsletter (SoundList) for 7 years and has curated music series in the Toronto area. He has also curated a compilation album of sixty improvising musicians from around the World, all contributing their interpretation of sixty seconds in a solo recording. 

In all that he does, David strives to perform with a diverse community of musicians and spaces, believing that through the experiences and influences, it can only broaden the passion and connection to the music.